Kat Hernandez

Hi, I'm Kat
a developer
and recent grad
passionate about
I'm ambitious &
strive for quality
in my work

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A Little Bit About Me : coder, artist, explorer, go-getter, swimmer, linguist, pragmatic realist

As a recent grad from the University of Houston, I have learned so much that I can't wait to put into practice in the real world. I am currently working on this website, so there might be some weird things going on while it is under construction lol

Some of my Goals : who is she??

1. Change the world through meaningful work
2. Create long lasting relationships
3. Learn as much as I can along the way

Tech Stack :

Python Swift/UIKit HTML5/CSS3 javascript C++; C#/.net core SQL/MySQL Linux PHP r


Journey : TLDR: Im dyslexic but its like a super power~ ;)

Professional or Passionate, Why Not Both? Life has taught me a lot about about failure and how crucial it is to bounce back. Being dyslexic felt like a disability for so long until I really tapped into it and thought of it more as a gift. Upwards of 45% of people with dyslaxia have improved spacial 3D image comprehension, and can mentally render and manipulate 3D images in their minds. This ability enabled me in the most interesting ways, such as learning Chinese, and thriving in STEM(specify comp sci). That being said, let me show you what I've accomplished so far, and I can't wait to add to the list!

Experiences Applied : past projects/coursework, viewable in Github Repo

Selfless Traffic Routing Algorithm
Real Time Systems and Enbedded Functions
Census API Project
using the ASC's public api to query data for
rendering statistics of enrollment rates in the USA.
Translations with Interpolation
Digital Image Processing
Github repo

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